Supporting Education for the Underprivileged


“At Pennam Foundation, we believe that every student has the right to access quality education and achieve their dreams, regardless of their economic background.”

Meet Mani Sankar Bellamkonda – a bright and driven individual currently pursuing his third year in BDS at the prestigious SIBAR Institute of Dental Science in Guntur. Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, including financial hardship and familial responsibilities, Mani has remained dedicated to his studies and is well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a successful dentist.

Unfortunately, Mani’s family has struggled to make ends meet, with his father working as a watchman at a departmental store and his mother being differently abled and unable to work. As a result, they are unable to afford the high costs of Mani’s education, leaving him in a precarious situation.

However, through the support of Pennam Foundation and the generosity of our donors, Mani has been able to continue pursuing his studies without having to worry about financial burdens. With this newfound sense of security and peace of mind, Mani can focus on his studies and ultimately achieve his goals. We are proud to support such an inspiring individual and look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish in the future.

Here is how Pennam Foundation helped Mani Sankar:

Mani Sankar’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and a deep passion for dentistry. Our organization first learned about his situation through one of our dedicated volunteers, who had the opportunity to visit his college and speak with both faculty and students alike. It was clear from their conversations that Mani was an exceptional individual, with a bright future ahead of him.

We were inspired by Mani’s commitment to his studies, despite facing significant financial hardship. We knew that we had to take action to support this promising young student, and so we decided to offer him a scholarship of Rs. 53,000 per year. This scholarship covers Mani’s tuition fees and other expenses, giving him the freedom to focus on his studies and achieve his dreams. Through our support of Mani, we hope to inspire others to pursue their own dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face along the way.

As part of our commitment to Mani’s success, we regularly monitor his progress and provide him with personalized mentoring and guidance. We recognize that every student is unique, with their own set of strengths and challenges, and so we work closely with Mani to ensure that he has the support he needs to excel in his studies.

In addition to academic support, we also arrange for Mani to attend workshops and seminars related to dentistry and oral health. These opportunities allow him to deepen his knowledge and skills, and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in his field. We believe that education should not be limited to the classroom. That’s why we encourage Mani to participate in community service and social awareness campaigns, where he can put his skills and knowledge to use in making a positive impact on his community. Through these experiences, Mani can develop his leadership skills, build his network, and gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose in his studies and his life.

Mani has been able to continue his education without the financial stress that can often hinder students from reaching their full potential. With this newfound sense of security, Mani has been able to focus on his studies and achieve remarkable success. Not only has Mani improved his grades and skills, but he has also become more confident and motivated. He knows that he has the support of Pennam Foundation and our donors, and this has given him the courage to pursue his dreams and aim higher than ever before.

Perhaps most importantly, however, Mani has developed a sense of social responsibility and empathy for the less fortunate. He recognizes the importance of giving back to his community and helping those who are struggling, just as he once was.

Here is what Mani Sankar has to say about Pennam Foundation:

“I am very grateful to Pennam Foundation for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist. They have not only helped me financially, but also emotionally and morally. They have inspired me to work hard and give back to the society. I hope to make them proud by becoming a successful and compassionate dentist in the future.”

Pennam Foundation is proud of Mani Sankar and wishes him all the best for his career. We hope to support more students like him in the future. If you want to join us in our mission of empowering education for the underprivileged, please contact us at email link. You can also donate online or volunteer with us.

Together, we can make a difference!