The essential elements of humanity, concern, care, hope, and the ambition to build a glorious future are present in us all. Pennam Foundation exists to cultivate that generosity in you to make our world a better place. We streamline the core elements and operate a platform impacting the real-life causes. In addition to our online platform, we happily handhold each cause and generously bridge the "needed side" to the "giving side."

By using the power of our direct networks, social media networks, and our personal funds, we make a difference in the lives of the needed. We strive to impact each cause equally.

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    • Any foundation is ultimately as strong as the people that run it, and our platform is only a means to reach the right ends.
    • The people at Pennam Foundation are compassionate and are from diversified professions. Their generosity, discipline, focus, experience, and commitment keep our ecosystem impactful for proper causes.
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    • Education for the qualified aspirants.
    • Food, warmth, and shelter to orphans, disabled, and elderly.
    • Medical and emergency support to the less fortunate people.
    • Community development and upliftment of the society.
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    • Equal respect to the great hearts who spend time and effort on par with donors.
    • Encourage the previous beneficiaries to become volunteers when needed.
    • Recognition in our networks for the ones who invest patience, effort, and compassion as "committed citizens" of this world.
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  • 0% Overheads. 100% transparency.
    • Donors don't pay for our operational costs.
    • Fundraisers and donors have direct, faster, and transparent access to each other.
    • Donors find it more efficient than donating by hand.
    • Periodic audits are done to ensure we abide by our values, top-down.
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  • Verification & qualification

    Helping the deserved should be unbiased, however we have stringent policies before we take up a cause.

    • What is the history of the person who needs funds?
    • we have a local person who can inspect and advocate for the cause?
    • Will our foundation and its network address the problem? (We cannot solve everything that comes our way.)

I express my gratitude to Sudhakar Pennam for sponsoring my graduation. I was able to focus on my education with no financial hurdles and bagged a job at Tata Consultancy Services (and later in Cognizant and Accenture). I look forward to being a volunteer and contributing back through Pennam Foundation.

- Beneficiary

I have invested in my hard work, and Sudhakar Pennam has invested his heart and money in helping me accomplish three things: - An engineering degree in Computer Science.
- A certified course in Artificial Intelligence.
- A suitable placement in Kairos Technologies.
I stand as an example of a dream come true amongst my friends.

- Beneficiary

Sudhakar Pennam exemplifies Philanthropy. Genuinely interested in the welfare of others, Sudhakar is generous with all the resources he brings to every cause he supports. HungerMitao has been a recipient of Sudhakar's compassionate leadership and innovative ideas.

- Aradhana & Raj Asava, Co-founders of HungerMitao

Sudhakar Pennam serves on the Board of Advisors for Save the Child Foundation and has helped the organization grow by providing critical thinking and analysis and advice to solve key global problems tied to hunger, sanitation and education in India. He has been instrumental in providing value based insights and exploring new opportunities for growth and sustainability in expanding our global footprint. He continues to support key funding initiatives in extension of the Girl Child initiatives at Save the Child Foundation. Pennam's never say no attitude and deep empathy for the needy has been a tremendous source of inspiration for the Save the Child team. We thank him and wish him all the best with Pennam Foundation's efforts to bring a meaningful and sustainable change in the world. - Ravi Kantamsetty CEO / President, Save the Child Foundation (AshaJyothi USA)

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