Needed : ₹ 1446689

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While Mr. Rao started exploring all possible ways of help, he conveyed his son too about it who has already heard about the same from his friends in the USA. Sudhakar got highly motivated to provide his support to this humble cause in his hometown Visakhapatnam. He didn’t waste any further time in pooling up all his resources and contacts and in no time it all started with so much of word being spread all over.


It initially began way back in 2014 with Free Medical camps and Homeopathy medicines distribution fortnightly in a month in the School Premises where Shri Rao has taken help of his good friend, Dr. Govardhan. This continued for long till the food sponsorship (All three meals in a day) has commenced from 2016 and it still goes on the present date with good number of days covered in a calendar year. Sudhakar has prompted his close friends, family members, business associates, and College friends to contribute their bit and successfully met major requirements of providing a Stainless-Steel railing along the parapet wall surrounding the Dining area, distribution of Braille script sheets, Sleeping mats and Stationery items.


The School is now confident and sufficient enough to take care of the recurring expenditure that comes every single day, month and the Year excepting for the closed days of holidays thanks to the relentless and reliable efforts of Sudhakar Pennam and his team. He has become an immediate source of contribution to fulfill the school needs. The word has spread far and wide that there has been lot of donations/volunteering that took place for every possible occasion.


No acknowledgement on this help can be bigger than His Holiness Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji who has started this school in 2003 and he termed Sudhakar Pennam as a perennial Donor. The teachers and the students acknowledge and appreciate the great amount of help that is being passed on to them.