Laptops for suburban Nepal/India



We asked ourselves some questions –

– Many of us enjoyed the very first moment of touching a computer, right?
– We were in a wow factor when we gave an input and saw the output, right?
– Many of us know that “computer literacy” can change a family and create the next Bill Gates, right?

We decided that every genuine kid must have an opportunity to explore the digital arena with a laptop, first hand or second.


– We bought dozens of new laptops and gave them to the needy.
– When our pocket got short, we procured refurbished laptops.
– Our volunteers donated their time, patience, and love towards each kid needing a laptop.


– Computer literacy has been made reachable.
– We saw the smiling next generation.


Sudhakar Pennam serves on the Board of Advisors for Save the Child Foundation and has helped the organization grow by providing critical thinking and analysis and advice to solve key global problems tied to hunger, sanitation and education in India. He has been instrumental in providing value based insights and exploring new opportunities for growth and sustainability in expanding our global footprint. He continues to support key funding initiatives in extension of the Girl Child initiatives at Save the Child Foundation. Pennam’s never say no attitude and deep empathy for the needy has been a tremendous source of inspiration for the Save the Child team. We thank him and wish him all the best with Pennam Foundation’s efforts to bring a meaningful and sustainable change in the world. — “Ravi Kantamsetty CEO / President, Save the Child Foundation (AshaJyothi USA)”