Deevena Hastham (Blessing Hands) Special Education



As this family who is running the society is known to Sudhakar Pennam and the urge to help them in making the lives of the children better grew so strong that he has got all the possible help given to them from his Foundation. The children and their families sought a big help and contribution from the Foundation to help them during the Pandemic worst times that literally ruined their livelihood and the response in reciprocation was overwhelming.


The Foundation has contributed good amounts to Deevena Hastham for distribution of Food essentials like Rice, Dal, Oil and other Nutrition items specially meant for immunity boosting during the Pandemic time. Later the Foundation has helped the school in making free availability of educational kits to these special children. Delicious and nutritious food was cooked by the family themselves and was fed to the children and their dependents. A village was chosen to be adopted by the Foundation to promote the cause of upliftment.


The beneficiaries along with their family members convey their prayers and gratitude to the volunteers very regularly as a token of their love and appreciation towards Sudhakar Pennam Foundation. Free medical camp was one activity which made the special children express their joy and happiness for the care taken for their hygiene and wellness.