Balya-A unit run by Annapoorna Charitable trust.



When approached by his childhood friend and schoolmate for support and contribution, Sudhakar Pennam has decided to help this Home by the form of regular donations and also for the expansion and infrastructure projects being taken up by the trust for improving the capacity and facilities at this children’s home. An appeal was sent to Sudhakar and he got started for yet another charitable cause.


Though they needed help only on the donations, Sudhakar offered his team’s participation for volunteering the cause. The Foundation has contributed considerably against the appeal and requisition raised by the Trust management. The Foundation has vowed to partake in improving the vocational and other personal skills of the children, so that they can live independently by earning their own livelihood.


The Trust now is running good with a new building project recently completed which can accommodate close to 300 children now from all the contributions received from various agencies helping them in providing shelter, education, healthcare, food and other day-to-day needs for these Children.


Smt. V. Annapoorna, the Managing Trustee who also happens to be the aunt of Sudhakar’s schoolmate has appreciated the Foundation for the timely help as the amount fulfilled till now is around 1.5 Lakhs which supported their needs