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Pennam Foundation’s Mission to Provide Medical Care and Services to Disadvantaged Rural Villages.


Pennam Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Andhra Pradesh, that has positively impacted the lives of rural villagers of Satyavada, Andhrapradesh, since 2006. Founded by a group of dedicated individuals, the organization offers various medical services and treatments to this underprivileged rural community free of charge. These services include primary healthcare, preventive healthcare, mental health services, and nutrition programs.
The organization also raises awareness about diseases, health, and hygiene, as well as provides clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. Pennam Foundation also strives to ensure that the villagers have access to education and vocational training. Through its various initiatives, the organization is making a real difference in the lives of many.
The Pennam Foundation provides daily free homeopathy treatments to people living in the rural villages surrounding the area. In addition, the Foundation operates a dispensary that offers all medications free of charge, benefiting up to 150 people per day. To further the Foundation’s mission, they have supplied financial support to the Veda Matru Nilayam dispensary at Satyavada. This has allowed the dispensary to offer a range of laboratory tests, such as blood tests, BP, hemoglobin, and diabetes tests, all free of charge for the disadvantaged population in the area.
The Need.
The need for medical services in this rural area is especially great, with around 40 villages in this locality having no access to medical facilities, including dispensaries, hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies. To meet these needs, Pennam Foundation has provided villagers with primary health care services such as check-ups, vaccinations, and treatments for minor illnesses and major surgeries when needed. They have also been serving in Varija Ashramam, Bimili, every Saturday, providing personal affection and care to the children there. This includes medical care, food, clothing, education, and other essential services that ensure their overall well-being.
Pennam Foundation has been providing free medicines to needy people, and their efforts have been gaining attention from far and wide. People from all over the state, as well as from Vizag and Vijayanagar, have been reaching out to the organization, spreading the word, and traveling long distances to receive medical benefits and medicines from Pennam Foundation.
The Pain.
The remote location of Satyavada has posed some challenges for Pennam Foundation, as there is no public transport or a well-maintained road, especially during the rainy season. This has made it difficult for the founders of the organization and their volunteers to travel to the location and deliver necessary services to the people living there. Despite the obstacles, they have persevered and have been able to make the journey, even if it means walking miles each day in order to provide the people with the care they need.
Pennam Foundation is truly making a difference in the lives of those living in rural villages, providing them with medical services and treatments that would otherwise be out of reach. The selfless dedication of the founders and volunteers is truly inspiring, and we can all learn from their commitment to helping those in need.


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