DEEVENA HASTHAM [BLESSING HANDS] – Serving Since 2008 DEEVENA HASTHAM (BLESSING HANDS) is an initiative of DEEVENA SPECIAL EDUCATION, ESTD 2008. Our mission is to improve the lives of under privileged children with special needs and their families by providing Free Special Education (Academics, Social and Life skills), Free Ration, Hygiene and health kits. As a Blessing (Deevena) Team we are serving Special Children families in rural villages of Andhra Pradesh. One of the villages is Anandapuram Mandal near Visakhapatnam which is severely affected with many disorders in the children. According to our survey more than 300 children are affected in 3000 families. We are working in 5 villages of Anandapuram Mandal serving Special children and serving their families, because most of the children are taken care by single mothers or grandparents. Mothers can’t leave their child and work, so they are financially in crisis and most of these Special children are suffering with many diseases and malnutrition. To save these families from hunger we have started providing Food & Ration supplies every month. Due to severe inability of coping normal education stream, most of these children were rejected by schools. So, Deevena is providing Special Education for these children and also distributing these children Educational kits every month. DESTRUCTION OF COVID19 PANDEMIC: COVID19 pandemic has destroyed many families, so many have lost their family members. Due to COVID19 lockdown many parents have lost their jobs and were completely pushed into financial crisis. This was when Mr. Sudhakar Pennam has come to our help by promoting and sponsoring our Food and ration distribution to more than 100 Special Children and their families. DEEVENA HASTHAM TEAM – RELIEF Distribution Description: NUTRITION KIT FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN Oats – 300 grams Dry Fruits (Badam, Pista, Kaju, Dry Grapes & Walnut) –200 grams

  1. Oats  – 300 grams
  2. Dry Fruits (Badam, Pista, Kaju, Dry Grapes & Walnut) –200 grams
  3. Eggs – 6 nos’
  4. Soya Chunks – 300 Grams
  5. Good Milk – Tetra Pack 500 ml  –  2
  6. Dates 250 grams
  7. COVID Masks – 2
  8. Hand wash and Medicated Soap


  1. Note books – 2
  2. Drawing book  – 1
  3. Pens – 2
  4. Pencils – 2
  5. Eraser – 1
  6. Sharpener – 1


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