Participation of Kairos Vizag Development Team in Pennam Foundation Charity Event

Food sponsorship at Nethra Vidyalaya, Vizag.

Inspiration does it all, motivation moves that all……. When the word about Pennam Foundation launch spread amongst the Employees and workforce, there was lot of appreciation and admiration almost from everyone. Especially, when the opportunity was available to be either Contributor or a Volunteer, the urge to be an integral part of this cause led to the initiation of fund raising by the Development Team of Kairos Vizag. They agreed to pool up the donation amount that would be sufficient to feed the vision disabled children all the three meals in the day at Nethra Vidyalaya. It was ensured that everyone contributed with complete joy and content and it did not take much effort or time to get the fund raised amongst the 30 plus employees of Kairos Vizag. The pooled-up fund was transferred by Pennam Foundation to Nethra Vidyalaya Bank account which was used to serve a nutritious and tasty food to the visually impaired children much to the delight and satisfaction of the employees. This could be the just the right start as it was acknowledged by each individual that there is something very special and magical moment while you start giving back something to the society.

Kudos to Team Kairos Vizag for having accomplished this, which shall be remembered for long and encourages others too.

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